About Us

SDVKVS Profile
Singha Durbar Vaidya Khana Vikas Samiti (SDVKVS) is one of the manufacturer units with four century of experience in the field of Ayurveda and herbal formulation. The medical formulas at SDVKVS are an inherited legacy from the ancient who were pioneers of Ayurvedic knowledge and practices. The purity of the original formulas is preserved while developing them with modern techniques at SDVKVS. We make products that perform preventive function along with curative effect.

The ancient ” Singha Durbar Vaidhya Khana ” ,reformed as ” Singha Durbar Vaidya Khana Vikas Samiti ” on the date of 2051 B.S. and continued to produce Ayurveda medicine and enable to provide new medicines and new cures with a success rate, particularly in diseases, hepatic disorders, gastro-intestinal problems, neurological problems, personal care, childcare, skincare, single herbs for specific purposes, sexual treatment, anti-smoking formula and many other ayurvedic solutions.The product portfolio consists of more then 100 exclusive Ayurvedic formulations and medicines with remarkable remedial and preventive results. Now, SDVKVS has been manufacturing patent Ayurvedic medicines .

Provide quality products at affordable prices to people at national and international level.

Pioneering into freestanding specialty Ayurvedic manufacturer and supplier with a complete menu of brand through research and planning, production and marketing .

Future Prospectus
It has a effort to be certified as a “WHO-GMP” Certified manufacturer along with ISO certifications in the near future with the following additions.
⦁ Total Marketing and R&D Support and solutions for all Government/Private Herbal Industries,
⦁ Corporate image and reputation with backing of an established entity,
⦁ Universally accepted metrology up-gradation with scientific backups,
⦁ Pharmacists and doctor professionally qualified for the quality control and assurance System,
⦁ One of the World’s finest :
⦁ Range of high quality ayurvedic medicines available,
⦁ Medicines for all ailments available for preventing all the diseases,
⦁ Ayurvedic beauty care treatments .